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Rise Up!

Take your stand in the world.


Modern life is increasingly challenging

Awareness of LeadershipTo succeed in this world you need to be clear, focused, and competent. To have a satisfying life you need to be guided by a set of powerful principles, know your purpose and claim your place in the world. Some elements of life you were given and some you must claim. This means you need to rise up – to not be content to sit on the sidelines while the game of life unfolds around you. You have to rise up and stand for something. You have to rise up and be someone in and for the world. You have to rise up and no longer be content to be a passive consumer of life and have others do it to or for you.

No amount of wishing, hoping, or posting is going to create a new life for you. There is a proven method for designing and delivering a new future and we will show you what it is.


The Rise Up! program is designed for all women and men who know they were destined for something more, who have a divine restlessness that comes from feeling unfulfilled with their lives as they currently exist. It is for those of you who are ready to rise up, declare yourself to the world and change the way you live so you can live your life by design. The future is entirely up to you. You can stay stuck and have it be a mere continuation of your past or you can rise up and chart a new course for your life and set your sights on an entirely new future.
This is program is specifically for those men and women who:
  • Are navigating a divorce or breakup.
  • Are designing a new career path.
  • Are starting a new business.
  • Are committed to pursuing one of your life dreams.
  • Who is looking to advance in their organization or company.
  • Who wants to reclaim their pride and dignity.
  • Who is struggling with self-confidence.
  • Who is at a crossroads and lacks clarity of direction.
  • Who want to get clear about their purpose in life.
  • Who knows there is more to life and wants to get access to it.
  • Who wants to take on this tumultuous new culture and win.
  • Who is committed to consistently being on top of their game.

We believe that freedom and dignity are everyone’s birthright.

Yet, too often we see the pulls of modern life in the form of work, relationships, family, and money constrict people’s dreams and lives to the point where they have slowly given up their freedom to be themselves at all. You run from this to that in a never ending swirl and wake up one day saying, “This is not the way I wanted my life to turn out.” You feel bored, stressed, and overwhelmed all at the same time. You say yes when you mean no, pretend you didn’t see or hear when you know you did. Every atom in your body wants to scream yet you stay silent. This is how dignity gets lost. We will show you how to change that once and for all.

We believe courage and character are the keys to anything that matters.

For far too long we have all been conditioned to be passive, to not speak up, to not get angry, and just get along and go along. You don’t disagree with the boss, you don’t say anything when your partner undermines or diminishes you, you smile and nod when you disagree out of fear of confrontation. You don't speak up when the political process sells you out. That/s not the character you want to build. We will show you how to change that once and for all.

We believe that everyone should own the life-tools they need to design their future.

You work hard, stay motivated, do your very best and yet nothing seems to get any better. Having life be the same for the next 20 years feels like a nightmare and yet that’s what the future looks like. Not any more. The most important things you need to know to be successful and happy have never been taught to you, until now!


This is a weekend long course that comes with 6 structured small team coaching sessions that insure that you bring the new work alive in your life. This is where you lay down the basic practices that will change your life forever. As part of the program we will do the following:
  • We will introduce you to a new set of practices for authentic learning.  These practices will enable you to effectively learn not just what we are teaching you but anything else you set your sights on.
  • We will show you the basic linguistic moves from which we all construct our stories about who we are and what we think of as ‘reality.'  This is a key element in designing your future as learning these moves enables you to craft new versions of you.
  • We will enable you to see how you have created your own personalized set of limiting beliefs, where they came from, and importantly how to move through them into a more powerful future.
  • We will introduce you to the somatic practice of centering.  This is simply the practice of being present, open, and connected as a way of living.  This is a practice that runs through all of our programs and in each program you will take it to another level. This is where you learn to be clear, focused, and present.
  • We will reveal the Universal Performance Principles to you and show you how to bring them alive in your life.  We have spent years working with world-class performers of all sorts and what we have found is that they share a common set of principles by which they live.  You will have the opportunity to let these principles become yours’ too.
  • We will show you once and for all how to find and keep purpose and meaning in your life.  This is just as important as it sounds, as it is with your clarity of purpose that together we will build a new version of you.
  • You will become part of a small learning team and it is this team that will work together both inside the program and afterwards to complete the implementation work.
  • We will prepare those of you who choose to go on for the second program in the Gateway series – the Intensive.
  • Put this all together and you will find yourself with a life that is rich with passion, power, and purpose.

Interested in the Rise Up! Program?

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“Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person not only changed, but for the better.”
- Arthur Gordon