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Into Action

Everything you need to turn your purpose into action.


This is the final piece of the Gateway series and as the title says, its’ all about action.

Ability to LeadThis program is designed to enable you to design, take, and assess effective action in the world and get things done.  Rise Up! enables you to gain clarity about your purpose in life.  Breakthrough enables you to break through any and all barriers that have historically held you back and Into Action gives you everything you need to shape your purpose into specific actions and bring them alive in your life and the bigger world.

No amount of hoping, wishing, dreaming or intending produces results in life, action does. Not activity, but action. Action is a combination of linguistic and somatic practices that consistently generate the results you want and it is your results that matter.

Too many people confuse working long and hard or staying constantly busy with action and results. There is very little connection. We will show you how to get a lot more done with a lot less effort. It’s all about learning the essential elements that will enable you do get things done effectively, efficiently, and with clarity.

We believe that every human being is hard wired for action.

Your mind/body is designed to for action. You will find as we teach you the fundamentals that you are actually ‘wired’ to effectively accomplish things in life. You were never intended to sit around and wait for things to happen or confuse thinking with acting. You are here to take action.

We will show you how.

We believe there is a simple teachable technology that enables you to accomplish anything.

Yes it’s true. You can accomplish anything you set out to do. There is no magic, there is a methodology and once you learn it your world will change. Instead of daunting complexity you will see an elegant simplicity and with that clear a pathway to the future you want.

We will show you how.

We believe that you should have your own set of keys.

Every one of you deserves to have your own keys to a new future. Living your life by design isn’t for the few, its for all. One of the fundamental keys to the future is your capacity to take concerted, effective, powerful action.

We will show you how!

The promise of this program is to:

  • Teach you a precise methodology for designing actions that generate results.  You will learn the basic moves in what we call an Action Cycle and how they collectively enable you to accomplish things that others consider impossible or miraculous.
  • Show you how to craft powerful offers that generate both power in the world and ‘satisfied customers’ be they at work or at home.
  • Teach you how to move with clarity and focus while others are stuck dithering.
  • Show you how be calm and centered in the midst of what everyone else see’s as chaos.
  • Enable you to advance more rapidly in your career.
  • Show you a means for tracking your actions to ensure the results you intended get accomplished.
  • Reveal to you the means by which you can have a life without problems.
  • Show you what to do when things get off track.
  • Enable you to experience the satisfaction and pride that comes from living a life of passion, purpose, power and accomplishment.

Interested in the Into Action Program?

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This is the Gateway Series and for those who complete any or all of the series will never be the same again. To the ouside world you will be a new and different person. To us, you are now ready for the advanced work.

“A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much. And an action which does not proceed from thought is nothing at all.”
- George Gernanos