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questions about commitment based management
How do I know your programs will work for me?
Because it has worked for tens of thousands of others. We have been designing and delivering transformational programs for some 25 years and in the course of that work we have become very clear about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping people create new futures for themselves. We have a solid foundation for our claim that the program will work for you.
How are your programs different than all the others out there?
There are three essential elements that set us apart from the pack.

  • Our program content is unique. We integrate elements of mind, body, and spirit into a coherent powerful unity.
  • Our delivery teams have proven themselves over many years and are the tops in the field.
  • We are very clear that the real work doesn’t occur in the course room. It happens after that in the small learning teams that you will be part of. We have a unique way of being sure that you take the lessons learned in the program and bring them into the rest of your life. That is the key to our and your success.
Who should be attending your programs?
This work is not for everyone. Our students are people who have already had some success in their lives. They aren’t lost sheep but people who are committed to developing much more of their latent potential and living more rich and satisfying lives. If you have a little voice somewhere in you that is telling you its time to start living the life you were destined for then you have arrived at the right place at the right time.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your job is, where you are from, or what other programs you may have done. This is new work for a new time and a new world. The work is rigorous and will call on you to give it your all. This isn’t someplace where you can go and ‘check it out’ or see what happens. Join us if you are up to it.
Where does the content of your programs come from?
Our founder Chris Majer has been building this body of work for over 30 years. The list of his teachers and sources is vast and too long to list. What you need to know is that much of it is his own creation, some of it is distilled wisdom from the ages. There is work on linguistics, somatics, energy, intention, and action. Some comes from the east, some from the west and it has all been designed not to follow any specific dogmatic path or school but to be effective for you. This is a new moment in time and this moment calls for a new approach to developing yourself and that means our program content has been developed to meet you in this moment.
What actually happens in the programs?
There is a lot of different activity in the Foundation program. The basics are pretty simple. Sometimes you sit and watch and listen. Sometimes you are up and moving as you learn somatic practices. Sometimes you are in small group conversations and sometimes you are just talking with a partner. Sometimes you will be reading and other times learning to move. You will work as big teams on some things and at the end you will become a member of a small learning team that will work together for some weeks after the session is over. There is lots of music, laughing, and the opportunity to meet lots of interesting new people.
What training do your program leaders have?
Our program leaders come from all walks of life. What they have in common is a dedication to their work and to your future. Click the button below to read in detail about our team leaders and the various backgrounds.

If I am not ready to make the commitment to attend is there a way I can get a little sample of the work so I feel more comfortable?
Sure – click the button below and you will see a little video sample summary of one of the program elements. In the Foundation program the content is always delivered live as opposed to via video. Enjoy!

Seattle - March 17-19



“Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person not only changed, but for the better.”
- Arthur Gordon